“Drug deal gone bad” turns violent; ends in aggravated assault charges

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An alleged drug deal turned violent Nov. 28 when a woman was slung from a dark blue Pontiac Sunfire. She was allegedly attempting to pay $20 for what she thought was marijuana.
The victim told the LaFollette Police Department Wendy D. Falls, 39, 411 E. Fir Street, LaFollette, had called her and asked her to buy marijuana, according to Sgt. Brian Tiller’s arrest report.
In an interview with Tiller, Cobina Morgan Woods, 49, currently homeless, allegedly told Tiller Falls called her and asked her for a ride. Falls told Woods she was supposed to get $20, Tiller said. Woods picked Falls up and took her to Terry’s Pharmacy to get blood pressure medication, Tiller said. Falls and Woods then went to meet the victim.
When the two women were approached by the victim, Falls allegedly told the victim to lean down at which point Falls allegedly grabbed $20 from her hand.
Falls tried to pass the blood pressure medicine off as something else, Woods allegedly told Tiller in the interview. When the victim attempted to get the money back, Falls told Woods to go, Tiller said in the report. Woods allegedly accelerated the vehicle and caused the victim to be slung from it, Tiller said.
Woods told Tiller she didn’t know she made the girl roll down the road, the report said.
When Falls told Woods to accelerate, it sounded like the car hit the victim, and she told Woods to turn around, Falls allegedly told Tiller in an interview. However, Woods allegedly said she was hurting for food and money and wasn’t going back.
Woods dropped Falls off and continued driving, Tiller said.
In the interview, Falls allegedly admitted to Tiller she had taken the $20. She told him it was “a drug deal gone bad,” Tiller said.
Woods allegedly told Tiller she saw Falls with the $20, but never got paid.
After being slung from the vehicle due to the acceleration, the victim rolled down the road, Tiller said. A witness saw the victim rolling down the road, Tiller said.
The LPD responded at 5:54 p.m. The victim was taken to the emergency room in an ambulance. Falls and Woods were arrested. Falls was charged with aggravated assault, theft of property less than $500 and duty to give information or render aid. Woods was charged with aggravated assault and duty to give information and render aid.