1 caught, 1 sought for sunken, stolen Nissan

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By Beth Braden

LaFOLLETTE—Campbell County Sheriff’s detectives Brandon Elkin and Freddie White are looking for the last suspect in a four-perp crime.  The group is accused of stealing a car, destroying it and sinking it in the lake. Two juveniles in the case have already been arrested.
Suspects Andrew Dalton Kitts and Christopher Roy Stone reportedly went to Lafollette Estates on Brook Place Lane on June 10 where the victim reported she woke up approximately 4:30 p.m. and saw that her 1991 Nissan 2LS was missing.
Kitts and Stone allegedly took the victim’s checkbook, wallet, tools, clothes and jacks from the vehicle and proceeded to hotwire it and drive it around town. When the vehicle reportedly ceased to work, so the two men allegedly destroyed it by smashing windows and kicking it. The car was then pushed it into the lake, police said.
Kitts and Stone swam into the lake and slashed the tires to cause the vehicle to sink faster, police said.
Kitts was arrested without incident on July 1. Police are still searching for Stone.
When arrested, the men will be charged with two counts of burglary, two counts of theft greater than $1000, two counts of vandalism greater than $1000 and criminal trespassing.
Anyone with information about Kitts’ or Stones’ whereabouts are encouraged to call 911 or the Campbell County Sheriff’s office and ask for Capt. Brandon Elkins or Det. Sgt. Freddie White.