77 years of page-turning history

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The LaFollette Book Club, founded in 1937, is probably one of the oldest reading clubs of its kind. Chartered by 12 women with the purpose to meet and discuss all sorts of literature, the organization has thrived without interruption since.
Still a small, but dedicated group of women and men, today’s members sniff out good reads in both fiction and non-fiction with a determination not even second to a seasoned search-and-rescue canine.  No longer restricted to libraries and book stores, they download eBooks on their lightweight high-tech gadgets,  listen to audio books in their vehicles, and prowl  Internet websites to feed their curiosity.  Monthly gatherings are lively with discussions, book exchanges, ideas, opinions, questions and answers, often mingled with lots of laughter.  It might be said they always thirst for knowledge found in books.
Modest membership dues support two service outreach projects dear to their hearts:  recognizing and encouraging youth who read because they believe reading is fundamental to a fuller future; and financial support of a project of one of the county’s public libraries.  
Called “Reading Adventurers,” youth in sixth, seventh and eighth grades at one of the county’s  middle schools  are identified without their knowledge by the school librarian for reading above and beyond school assignments.  Academic achievement is not a factor.  In collaboration with the school principal and librarian, one student in each grade is surprised with an award, certificate, publicity and encouragement. Middle schools are rotated annually.  
One of the four local public libraries also receives financial support for a need chosen by the librarian and agreed upon by the members. Public libraries are also rotated annually.
Any person who shares the aims of the club is welcome to attend meetings and join.  Meeting days are once a month., and always on a Saturday morning to accommodate those who work weekdays. The dates vary and are posted in advance in the LaFollette Press.  The location is one of the three meeting rooms assigned by the LaFollette Community Center, 300 West Beech St., beginning at 10 a.m.
The 77-year unbroken existence of the LaFollette Book Club reflects a long tradition by Campbell Countians with a desire to read not only American books but accounts of other cultures and nations in order to better comprehend the world in which we live.
For information about the club, email Darla Baird, president, at darcon1997@aol.com, or call 566-1413.