Adams and Hill charged with attempted second-degree murder

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By Charlotte Underwood

A Maryville man and a Cumberland Gap woman were recently arrested on attempted second-degree murder charges for an incident in Caryville that occurred in late June.

While on routine patrol Friday, Caryville Police Officer Freddy Walker passed Kevin W. Adams, 42, of 2321 Shawn Drive, Maryville.  Walker knew Adams was wanted on an outstanding warrant; he turned and conducted a traffic stop, Walker’s report said.  

The warrant was issued for Adams and Desirae Hill, 31, of 206 McMurray Road, Cumberland Gap, for a June 23 incident.  Adams allegedly entered the victim’s home, placed the victim’s wife in fear of her life and then later committed aggravated assault and attempted second-degree murder on her husband, the victim, outside the couple’s home, according to the arrest warrant.

Adams had allegedly entered the house, telling the victim’s wife he would kill her if she told anyone about him and Hill being there.  He then instructed her to call her husband and get him home, before going back outside.   

“Their intentions were to kill him or beat him up,” Caryville Police Chief Bill Widener said.

The victim and his brother-in-law arrived in Caryville, but did not park at the victim’s house.  They instead parked at the Cumberland Gap Trail parking area in order to surprise and “catch” Adams, the report said.

The victim’s brother-in-law allegedly went into the house to check on his sister, while the victim, armed with a .45 caliber pistol, went around to the back of the house to retrieve another pistol and flashlight, which he had told his wife to leave for him, the warrant said.

When he arrived at the back door, attempting to open it, he was struck in the head with a blunt object several times.  The victim then allegedly attempted to fire a shot at the perpetrator, but was struck again by the pipe.  He said he got two shots off total, laying there until he could get up and make it to the front door, into the house.

Before the victim came into the house, Hill allegedly ran into the house and stated “He’s going to kill me” then ran back out.

The victim then came through the front door bleeding badly from his head, holding his side and said “He has my gun, don’t go outside,” before collapsing on the floor, the arrest warrant said.

The victim’s wife then called 911 for medical help, the report said.  After the police arrived, the victim’s truck was found parked at Cumberland Gap Trail parking lot by officers.  Adams’s Dodge truck was also found parked there with a loaded shotgun and keys on the trailer hitch, the report said.  The report also stated that both the victim and his wife knew Adams and Hill prior to the incident. Hill had also allegedly made threats against the victim.  

The victim was flown to the University of Tennessee Medical Center via LifeStar with life threatening injuries that night.  He has now been released from the hospital and is in recovery, Widener said.

“There is documentation that Adams and Hill knew the victim and his wife prior to the incident and that Adams and the victim had had previous altercations as well,” Widener said.

Both Adams and Hill were charged with attempted second-degree murder and aggravated assault. They are currently being held at the county jail on $100,000 bond.  Hill and Adams have a court date set for Nov. 3.