Aggravated child abuse indictment handed down

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By Susan Sharp

A woman accused of abusing her stepdaughter was indicted last week on the single count of aggravated child abuse.

Samantha Huckaby’s case was presented to the grand jury last week when it convened for its second session this term.

After hearing evidence presented by LaFollette Police, the grand jury returned the sole count.

Huckaby stand accused of striking her 6- year- old stepdaughter on the head, shoulders, back, buttocks arms, legs and feet with a hairbrush, the arrest report said.

It was further reported she hit the girl in the head with the brush leaving a bruise in her forehead.

Police said in the arrest warrant the abuse is alleged to have occurred over a five day span early this summer.

When officials attempted to speak with Huckaby during the course of the investigation, her mother said she was not home. However, a short time later, officers found the 23-year-old woman tucked behind a shed in her backyard.

Following her indictment last week, Huckaby is scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday.