Alleged drug deal in progress foiled by police

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By Jennifer Caldwell

The element of surprise proved to be advantageous when LaFollette Police Officer Justin Lowe happened upon what appeared to be a drug deal in progress last Tuesday.

Lowe was on patrol in the Village Apartments area when he observed Paul E. Cowans, 23, of 243 Lake Drive Lane standing at the window of a vehicle.

According to Lowe’s report, the driver of the vehicle and Cowans were attempting a hand to hand narcotics exchange when they spotted his patrol car.

Cowans allegedly stuffed money back into his pocket and walked away from the car as Lowe approached.

Despite a denial by Cowans that he had any weapons or illegal objects in his possession, Lowe noted in his report a hypodermic needle was located in Cowans’ pocket.

The defendant then allegedly admitted to having several needles with him that he used to “introduce narcotics into his body,” records indicate.

In addition, Cowans’ was also in possession of a spoon with an orange residue he identified as morphine, according to reports.

Cowans was arrested and charged with possession of a schedule II substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.  He was released and is scheduled to appear in court on Sept. 11.