Allegedly impaired driver stopped after almost striking officers’ cars

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A Duff woman was charged after she allegedly almost struck two Campbell County Sheriff’s Deputies’ vehicles. The deputies were in the middle of a traffic stop.
Deputies Chad Hickson and Josh Humphries were in the middle of a traffic stop in Jacksboro when Donna A. McCall, 36, 185 West Cotula Lane, failed to merge to avoid them, nearly hitting their vehicles, Hickson said.
Hickson got in his vehicle and stopped McCall. She told him she didn’t have a valid driver’s license or insurance, he said. Humphries arrived during the investigation and noticed McCall had watery, blood shot eyes, Hickson said. When Humphries asked her if she was under the influence of alcohol or narcotics, McCall told him she had been taking Roxycode and Marijuana throughout the day, Hickson said. McCall didn’t pass a series of field sobriety tests adequately, the arrest report said.
When the deputies interviewed the passengers in the bed of the truck, they discovered one was McCall’s 16 year old daughter, Hickson said.
While searching the vehicle, the deputies found three hand-rolled cigarettes, believed to be marijuana, under the passenger seat, Hickson said.
McCall was taken into custody and charged with driving under the influence, driving while suspended, violation of drivers to exercise due care law, violation of the Tennessee financial law and reckless endangerment.