Anyone Can Be A Mother, But Only A Select Few Are Moms

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By JE Bolton

 Webster’s dictionary defines a mother as being, “A woman who has given birth to a child.”

It’s a fact that any woman can me a mother, but it takes a lot to be called a mom. What’s the difference between mother and mom?

A mother is someone whose children observe her from a distance, but a mom is someone whose children look up to her. A mother provides because they feel it’s just her duty, but a mom provides to the point she’d give her own life for the sake of her child. Well, you get the idea.

There are a lot of things I fondly remember about my mom. I’m sure my sisters can tell you of their own memories of our mom. I remember wonderful things, from her taking me to McDonald’s every payday when I was a child. It was our time and so special; something I’ll never forget.

She also made holidays so joyous for us kids. We didn’t have a lot, but what we had she always found some way of making that particular time of the year unforgettable. And at night, she’d tuck me in to bed as a child and sat with me for a few minutes. We’d talk and then she’d say, “Out of all the little boys in the world, how did I get so lucky to have a son as special as you are?”

Then, as my sisters and I grew up, she became not only our mom but our best friend we can tell anything and everything to. She loves us for who we are, supports our every big dream and fallen star, and simply shows us everyday how grateful she is to have us in her life.

With the next generation in our family coming along, it’s somewhat bittersweet. It’s wonderful how our family consists of toddlers, infants and newborns that bless our lives.

However, it’s also kind of sad because you understand how fleeting childhood can be, and our time as our “mom’s babies” have ceased to exist.

Then again, has it really? My sisters and I think it has, but not when we see our mom.

When we visit with her and we see that nostalgic twinkle in her eyes, we know we’re forever her babies. When she calls us just to make sure we’ve got everything we need or reminds us how much she loves us, I then realize that many have mothers, but I’m so blessed by God Himself to have a mom.

Some may read this and cherish these words. In fact, some may do the complete opposite and dismiss this story, bickering because, and I quote, “there‘s never any good news in the newspaper.” Say what you will, but with daddy gone it truly makes me cherish the time I have with my mom that much more.

I always have and I always will.

To my mom and to all the moms out there, I want to wish you a blessed and Happy Mom’s Day filled with enough memories to last a lifetime.