Attorney Webb named as defendant in lawsuit

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By Susan Sharp

Timothy Webb may have the spent the last few years asking the courts to grant judgments on behalf of his clients, but that is not the case currently.

Webb has now found himself named as a defendant in a $4 million lawsuit that is alleging he intentionally deceived clients.

In June, Billy and Shirley Powell filed the lawsuit against Webb and his now defunct legal practice.

Earlier this year, the Tennessee Supreme Court placed Webb on disability inactive status, halting him from practicing law.

In 2002 the Powells retained Webb to file a wrongful death suit on behalf of their daughter’s estate. According to the lawsuit, the Powells had Webb file a $10 million lawsuit against a trucking company believed to be responsible for the 2002 death of their daughter, Shelia Powell.

One year to the date that Sheila Powell died in the traffic accident Webb filed the multi million lawsuit in federal court. But 21 months later, the case had not moved forward and Webb filed a notice of voluntary dismissal in the wrongful death case, the chancery court filing said.

A federal judge allowed the dismissal but gave Webb one year to refile the lawsuit, according to the Powells.

In the months that followed, Webb had the couple travel from Florida to Tennessee to prepare for trial, they believed was approaching, the lawsuit says.

But when Webb was placed on inactive status by the state supreme court, the Powells learned something different.

They learned through a conservator of Webb’s law office, the case was not pending. In fact, after the voluntary dismissal was granted, Webb did nothing else on the case, the couple is alleging.

However, he continued to allow the Powells to think he was actively pursuing the case, the suit claims. Webb engaged in “unfair and deceptive” actions in his dealings with the Powells, according to their lawsuit. They also allege he made “false representations” knowing at the time they were bogus. He did this intentionally while also allowing time to refile the lawsuit to lapse, the Powells allege.

The Powells believed  had Webb proceeded with the case, as he agreed he would, they would have won their lawsuit against the trucking company, the court records claim.

Now they are asking a court to grant them $1 million in compensatory damages from Webb as well as $4 million in punitive damages.