Bar brawl and chase led to arrest

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By Natasha LaFayette

The Caryville Police Department and Campbell County Sheriff’s Department officers were dispatched to the Eagle’s Nest Bar and Grill in response to fight call last Thursday.

When officers arrived the victim was lying in the parking lot with a bloody head and the suspect, Anthony David Herron, 31, of Jacksboro, had left the scene on foot, said Caryville Officer Freddie Stagnolia.

Witnesses said Herron was not wearing a shirt and was running south on John McGhee Boulevard when he fled, according to the arrest report.

“After other patrol units arrived on the scene, myself and deputy (Jason) Heatherly traveled south on Highway 116 looking for the suspect,” said Stagnolia. “While in the area I observed the suspect Herron who fit the description. He was not wearing a shirt and when he saw us he took off running west towards the back of the Big Orange Tavern.”

Stagnolia said he observed Herron stumble and fall four times. After the fourth fall, Herron dropped what looked like a stick, according to the report.

Heatherly told the suspect to stop, but he continued to flee, the report indicates.

After several attempts to have Herron lie on the ground, the officers resorted to physically putting the defendant on the ground and cuffing him, said Stagnolia.

“I could smell an odor of an alcoholic beverage about his person,” said Stagnolia.

According to the report, Herron was advised of his Miranda Rights before being searched. Officers found two sets of keys, later found to be the victim’s, a lighter and a bottle of pills without the label. The pills. The pills were later identified as 15 Hydrocodones, the report said.

“The suspect stated at the scene that the victim and two other males had came outside and wanted to start a fight with him,” Stagnolia reported. “He stated the victim pilled a knife on him and he ‘whooped him’ (victim). He stated he only used his fist to hit the victim.”

According to the report, a witness stated Herron was starting trouble in the bar and was asked to leave. When the witness came outside she observed Herron kicking the victim as he lay on the ground. She also stated Herron went through the victim’s pockets.

The officers returned to the scene where they observed the victim on his feet being treated by EMS workers, said Stagnolia.

The report indicates the victim’s head and face had abrasions, contusions and swelling. However, the report further states the victim at first refused medical treatment and refused to prosecute the Herron for assault.

Herron was transferred to the Campbell County Intake Center for booking while the victim was questioned further.

“The victim stated he did not remember anything about the fight,” said Stagnolia. “I asked if he had pulled a knife on the suspect, he stated no (a knife was not recovered from the scene.)”

Heatherly notified Stagnolia at the scene that Herron had the victim’s wallet, according to the report.

“I told the victim that the suspect had stolen his wallet,” said Stagnolia. “The victim then advised that he wanted to prosecute the suspect for the assault and the theft.”

Herron was then charged with aggravated assault and theft of property under $500.

According to Stagnolia, the victim was transported to UT Hospital in Knoxville because of  blood on his brain and a broken nose.

“I went to the intake center to interview the suspect Anthony Herron, and to see if he had sobered up enough to talk with me,” said Stagnolia.

During the interview, Herron stated, “He had left the bar and was going to his friend’s vehicle when the victim yelled at him and told the suspect that he was going to kill him. He stated there were two more men with the victim. He stated the victim threw a rock or something at him, hitting him on the head,” according to the report.

Stagnolia said he observed an abrasion on Herron’s forehead.

“He stated the victim threw his wallet and keys at him also and he picked them up and laid them down. He stated he met the victim in the middle of the parking lot. The victim threw a punch and the suspect forced the victim to the ground and he struck the victim two or three times in the face with his fist,” according to the report.

Herron stated that the fight was over a woman, said Stagnolia.

Herron was charged with aggravated assault, robbery, theft of property under $500, public intoxication, evading arrest, resisting arrest, resist stop, frisk, halt, search and possession of schedule III controlled substance.