Barack Obama: Change America Can’t Afford

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By Josh Parker

Its official:  The economy now belongs to Barack Obama.  

No more blaming Bush, no more blaming Republicans.  With the passage of the Stimulus bill Obama has now taken ownership of the American economy, for better or for worse.

The recent passage of the American Economic Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 showed that the change promised by both Obama and Congressional Democrats is the kind of change that America can’t afford at this particular time in our history.  

It appears Democrats huddled up behind closed doors with the Obama White House putting together a plan that could pass both the House of Representatives and the Senate. It could be speculated the Democrats were afraid that the Republicans would try and interject some common-sense approaches to the ailing American economy.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat from San Francisco, had promised to the American people the Conference Report, which is the compromise agreement between the House and the Senate, would be available on line for 48 hours for members of Congress and the American people to read.  The bill was sent to members of Congress at 11 p.m. on Feb. 12.  The bill was voted on at 1 p.m.. the next day, Feb. 13.  The bill was over 1,100 pages long, and spent millions by the page.  However, Pelosi, along with the help of our Democratic Congressman Lincoln Davis, chose political expediency rather than transparency.  When the bill was voted on in the house, seven Democrats and all Republicans voted against the bill.  They voted against the bill because they had crafted an alternative to the budget busting bill made up by President Obama and Pelosi.  However, the Republicans were never allowed to bring their bill up.  If this is how the most transparent and ethical Congress is going to behave under Democratic rule, then the American people are going to be suffering over the next few years.

So far, we have promises broken about transparency in the debate over the stimulus bill.  

Now, let’s talk about the actual stimulus bill.  The stimulus bill will do little to help America in this bad economic time.  The bill gives states a bunch of money.  Of course, with states facing budget shortfalls all over America, the governors are likely to use that money as a band aid in their budgets instead of making the decisions that need to be made.  

Republicans in the Senate were successful in getting an amendment passed in the Senate version giving first time home owners a $15,000 tax credit if they purchased a home before Dec. 1.  The reason behind this was to get people back in the housing market.  

When the bill went to the conference committee, the language came back so watered down that it now stands at $8,000 and is so convoluted and complicated, that few people will be eligible for the tax rebate.

With so much pork spending in this bill, you would think that there would be tax relief in the bill right?  

Sorry, spending is more important than tax cuts.  However, beginning in June, if you’re a single tax filer, you will get to keep $8 more out of your check a week, and if you are married, that goes to a staggering $14 a week.  And people who don’t pay any taxes-they also get this miniscule tax rebate.  

How do I know that this won’t work?  

A lot of my feeling comes from the president himself.  He and his White House have told Congressional leaders that they may be back later this year to request even more money!  Bailouts foraAutomakers, Wall Street, and banks-when is this administration going to give the average taxpayer a bailout?  

America can’t afford the change that is now being installed by the Democrats in Washington.  With talk now of the Obama administration thinking about nationalizing banks in America, we find ourselves on the slippery slope of European socialism.  

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