Bartley defense wants suicide note thrown out

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JACKSBORO—Defense attorney Greg Isaacs wants what appears to be a suicide letter excluded from Kenneth Bartley’s school shooting trial set to begin on Feb. 21.

Those motions, filed Jan. 31, will be heard in front of Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood in the Campbell County Courthouse on Friday beginning at 9 a.m.

The undated note begins “today is the last of my horrible days,” and was first delivered to Isaacs on Jan. 23. It is written in Bartley’s handwriting and asks that his ashes be scattered across Eagle Bluff after his death.

“The content of the composition book page has no probative value regarding the issues of homicide in the instant case,” Isaacs wrote in the motion.

Bartley makes no mention of any plans to take a weapon to school in the note, though he does say he is “always so sad now.” He blames his depression on a woman in his father’s life.

“Dad loves her more than me. That drives me literally crazy,” the letter said.

Isaacs also wants to define “intoxication” for the jury because he will use intoxication as a defense during the trial.

“Intoxication means disturbance of mental or physical capacity resulting from the introduction of any substance into the body,” he said.

After the shooting, Bartley told police he had taken Xanax before going to school that day.