Being thankful during thinkless times

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By JE Bolton

The title says it all. Sounds bizarre, huh?

While coming up with the concept for this week’s story, I wanted to hit on more than just turkey, parades and gathering together with loved ones. Important as getting together with family is, I didn’t want to write what you, the reader, have been used to, or what you would anticipate me to write about for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is the one time of the year we Americans designate as “the most thankful time of the year.” We’re thankful for our family and close friends, job security and a few dollars in the bank, our health and our well-being. However, there’s one thing that’s never mentioned that needs to be at the very top of our “I’m so thankful for” list.

That’s right, dear readers, we need to be thankful for those times of our lives I like to call, the “thinkless” times.

A thinkless time can best be described as a time in our lives we’d rather forget, but had helped us more than the good times have. This can be a major mistake we’ve made that matured us, a wrong that kept us right, and a heartbreak that taught us how to give love to another person.

Needless to say, if skeletons physically existed within a person’s closet, God knows my closet would be the world’s largest mausoleum and I‘d be rich by charging admission. I’m not perfect. In fact, I’ve made my share of mistakes and have done things that I wish I could take back. Also, I’ve encountered people who either I wish I hadn’t or I unintentionally wronged and could make right. And vice versa, have had wrong things done to me as well by some people.

With that being said, while your carving the turkey, burn some unnecessary bridges of self-doubt and unforgiveness, and replace them with houses of love and peace. There’s too much life left to enjoy, too many good movies left to be entertained by, and too much turkey to gobble up, than to spend your entire life in unnecessary shambles and being cheated out of living, giving, hoping, praying, and, best of all, loving.     

Remember, people- ain’t none of us perfect, so stop being a turkey! Take off those chains that bind you, and slip into the skin of the blessed and wonderful person you’ve always been.