Board of education approves archery, sale of surplus land

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By Beth Braden

Campbell County students will soon have a new sport after an initiative by newest school board member Danny Wilson.

“Archery is a good thing and it’s good for kids to learn and it’s a good sport,” he said.

For $4,500, all schools will be able to have an archery program for male and female students. That money includes the costs of supplies as well.

“They (the organizers) supply all the bows, all the arrows, and all the targets for that money,” Wilson said.

While there may be an upfront cost for the board of education, Poston and Wilson expect that a lot of the funding will come back later in the form of donations and grants.

Former board chairman Mike Orick presented a four-part motion to approve the sale of the old Ridgewood Elementary School on Highway 116 and convey part of the land to the Ridgewood Volunteer Fire Department.

The school property sits on 4.78 acres of land, and the fire department has an easement on .7 acres of the land.

According to Orick, the board of education approved a 99-year lease in 1985 which the fire department was given an easement along its building of .41 acres, as well as a driveway easement of another one-third of an acre.

Ridgewood Volunteer Fire Department Chief Brad Disney requested that when the property is sold, that the fire department is conveyed the .41 acres plus the one-third acre for the driveway easement to the station with a reversionary clause if they ever stop using it.

“They’ve asked for that additional area for their employees to park and for their trucks to move in and out,” Orick said.

The first motion declared the property surplus. The second motion was to approve a survey of the land. The third motion declared the existing lease null after the survey and gives director of schools Donnie Poston and chairman of the board Josh Parker the ability to convey the .7 acres. The final motion was to retain Longmire Realty at the cost of $2,500 to sell the land on or before Dec. 31. All four motions passed unanimously.


* Save the Children Foundation– grant funding decreased $1,917

* Coordinated School Health Grant – grant funding increased $21,548

* Carryover funds and Georgia State University I-3 Program equity – decrease of  $3,474.53

* Undesignated Fund Balance from close-out of previous year – increase of $85,000

This money was originally allotted to cover structural review and the development of project plans to fix structural problems at Campbell County High School.

Board member Rector Miller was hesitant to approve that much money just for planning.

“I don’t want them to feel like they’ve got this took care of and already in the box and charge us another $25,000,” he said.

Miller says he was told the initial analysis of the building would take, at most, $50,000.

The board decided to approve the original $50,000 and keep the remaining $35,000 put up if it’s needed for structural projects at a later date.

“Once we get to the completion of all those things, if we end up with $15,000 or $20,000 left, then those monies can be diverted to use for construction dollars,” said Campbell County Finance Director Jeff Marlow.

* Title III program funds – a decrease in funds of $355.

* Title I program funds – a shift in category definitions made it necessary to realign funds for $73,455 from category 73400 to 71100 to identify program funds at Valley View Elementary School.

* 21st Century Community Learning Center - $300,000 is now available as of Sept. 1, 2012 through June 30, 2012 to facilitate community learning similar to the LEAP afterschool program.

* First to the Top carry over funding - $97,891.17 was available from fiscal year 2010-11 and 2011-12.

* Federal Special Education Preschool funding – grant money was $965 less than anticipated.

* Fresh Fruits and Vegetables – program funding increased by $28,083.

Finance Coordinator

The board discussed employing a finance coordinator for the school system.

“We spend so much of our time doing a lot of the budget stuff,” said Poston.

Funding for the position was provided several years ago, but the position was never filled, Miller said.

“At the very least I think it’s something to be discussed for next year’s budget cycle,” Miller said.

Orick asked Poston to bring a job description for finance coordinator to next month’s meeting.

Storage Building

The board motioned to pay half the costs of an athletic equipment storage building at LaFollette Middle School, up to $1,000.


The board will meet in a workshop at 6 p.m. on Oct. 30 in the downstairs conference room at the Central Office to review policies.