Board of Education discusses bullying, gap-closure numbers

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By Dwane Wilder

JACKSBORO—During Tuesday’s meeting at the courthouse, members of the Campbell County Board of Education discussed a couple of issues they will be faced with in the near future.

Attorney Dail Cantrell, who represents the Campbell County Board of Education, said a new bullying statue is taking shape in Nashville.

“The old statute says you are only liable if you had prior knowledge (of a situation,” said Cantrell. “The new statute will be that you are liable if you have not taken steps to prevent bullying.”

Cantrell also said that even though Campbell County made significant gains during state testing last year, the state department of education would scrutinize even more closely gap closure numbers related to socioeconomically disadvantaged and special education students.

“You are required to have a plan in place next school year (to try and eliminate the gap closure),” said Cantrell. “Your plan will need to be system specific and school specific.”

Board member Eugene Lawson said it is frustrating for teacher and administrators to try and keep all students at the same learning and testing level.

“Every time I talk to teachers, that’s all they want to talk about,” said Lawson. “I want to commend teachers on test scores, but I wish we had a magic formula to close the gap. A lot of the teachers don’t think (members of the board) understand what’s going on.”

A systemwide report card will be unveiled on Nov. 21 during a special meeting of school administrators at the Campbell County Board of Education office at 172 Valley St., Jacksboro.