Board votes yes on budget; needs commission approval

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By Jennifer Caldwell


The Campbell County Board of Education made quick work of its budget talks Tuesday evening.

In just under an hour the group voted to pass the $48 million budget as presented.

Prior to the discussion Dr. Michael Martin, director of schools, was quick to point out the intense work that had gone in to development of the instrument by his staff as well as Jeff Marlow, finance director, and Richard Terry, deputy finance director.

“I want to thank them because they (Marlow and Terry) have helped greatly,” Martin said.

As Martin gave a synopsis of the budget he stressed that much of the budget’s focus is on fulfilling the first goal of his five year plan which is to increase student achievement.

Aside from the injection of nearly $3 million in stimulus money both Martin and Marlow described the 2009-10 budget as being very similar to the one from the previous year.

“This is probably the best team budget I have put together in my whole career. I’m proud of the budget and I would strongly recommend approving it,” Martin told board members.

Marlow echoed Martin’s sentiments regarding the budget.

“I believe the budget to be sound. We are very thankful for the level of funding the state was able to maintain through the stimulus money,” Marlow said.

With few questions from board members Chairman Eugene Lawson made a final comment before putting the budget to a vote.

“I’ll have to admit that I’m just placing my trust in the people who developed this and hope they have worked hard to do the best job for our schools,” Lawson remarked.

The board voted unanimously to approve the 2009-10 budget. 

Following the vote board members were asked to approve a budget amendment regarding the implementation of a daycare for school system employees.

According to Martin, the daycare is a pilot program that will be located at Caryville Elementary School.

The service will initially be provided to any school system employee on a first come first serve basis at a cost of $95 per week.

Martin described the daycare as a self-supporting program that will not use any tax dollars.

“My hope is that the program will expand and in the future we will be able to offer it to all county employees,” Martin said of the program that is part of his five year plan to retain the best staff.

The county commission will meet tonight at 5 p.m. to discuss approval of the board of education budget.