BOE evaluates Poston

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On Aug. 23, the Campbell County Board of Education evaluated Director of Schools Donnie Poston. Poston’s mean score of 2.609, was slightly lower than his score on the mid-year evaluation, 2.683.

“It’s very close to where it was mid-year,” BOE Chairman Mike Orick said.

However, some questions in the “student achievement section” that weren’t in the mid-year evaluation were used to evaluate him last week. These questions focused on enrollment and attendance, the graduation rate and the annual yearly progress of students in regards to test scores.

“It’s really not exactly the same evaluation,” Orick said. “The score may have gone down a little, but (there were) three additional questions in this evaluation.”

A week prior to the evaluation, the board members were given the questions, or instruments by which to evaluate Poston. These included all but the new questions.

The evaluation had six sections: board relationship, community relationships, staff and personnel relationships, facilities and finance, vision and student achievement. Board members gave Poston a rating on a scale from zero to four for five questions under each of the six sections. Zero meant never meets expectations, one meant seldom meets expectations, two meant usually meets expectations, three meant consistently meets expectations and four meant exceeds expectations.

The evaluations were brought back to the meeting on Aug. 23. The new questions were then filled out before the board adjourned into executive session.

The numbers were read aloud so they could be tabulated with the attorney present.

Poston received between a two and three in every section.

“I personally think we’ve seen a lot of growth and progress since Donnie’s been director of schools,” Orick said. “Donnie has compassion and people skills. He brought a lot of unity, with his staff and the teachers.”