Brackets falling fast in Madness

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By Chris Cannon

March Madness can only be described as one thing.


I could have easily written a three-word column, simply saying, “I hate bracketology.”

I mean, really, who saw Harvard winning?

Although that was probably the most shocking of them all, others are quickly climbing the list.

Three 12 seeds up set fives, while No. 15 Florida Gulf Coast has run the table to reach the Sweet Sixteen!

Personally, two of my final four went out in the first round.

I only have eight possibilities in the Sweet 16, which transfers to five of my Elite Eight being in the red marks.

While I expected this to be a wacky and crazy March, I never once saw it going like this.

Florida Gulf Coast versus the Florida Gators could get interesting.

Same-state teams meeting in the Sweet Sixteen, especially with one being as big of an underdog as it is, could end up in a Manning-brother showdown atmosphere.

The Eagles put on a dunking clinic against Georgetown that could only be compared to the athleticism the Harlem Globetrotters show.

They not only stole the first round game from Georgetown, but it seems they’ve taken over the No. 2 personality on the floor, playing without fear.

Last week, Sherwood Brown, the Eagles’ Atlantic Sun Conference Player of the Year, even announced Florida Gulf Coast would take on the Miami Heat if the chance arose.

No 15th seeded team has played in the Sweet Sixteen, which makes this game have an even bigger sentiment for Florida Gulf Coast..

However, they are facing some tough competition in the Florida Gators.

Known as one of the more balanced teams in college basketball right now, Florida is looking for a trip to the Elite Eight and beyond.

Many second chance brackets have the Gators reaching the Final Four, some even going as far as to say Florida is the next National Champion.

However, in order to reach that goal, they’ll have to get past this pesky Eagle squad.

The Gators can’t afford to take them lightly.

Already dubbed the Cinderella Story of the 2013 bracket, the only thing left to decide is if Florida Gulf Coast University will wear the glass slipper when it’s all said and done.