From a brother to his sister on her wedding day

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By JE Bolton

Today started out as just another day.

Too many bills to pay, too many errands to run, and not enough of me to go around. Then, everything seemed to stop as I received your phone call telling me that you’re getting married.

Just so I wouldn’t forget, I stopped everything and circled your special day on my office calendar. This is a happy, yet nerve-racked moment for you, I‘m sure.

 As for me, your brother who watched you grow up into the wonderful person you are, the day you take the hand of the man God Himself picked for you and meant for you be with will be rather bittersweet for me.

I’ll never forget the day Mom sat me down and told me I was going to be a brother. I was 9-years- old at the time and had no concept of what that was even remotely like. My fellow elementary school classmates who were siblings themselves gave exact insight as to what having a little brother or sister was like. They all said the same thing- it was pure torture and I should pack my toys and move to Canada.

I waited nine months and, as kids often do, I kept asking mom if you were out yet. Nine months later, when you did come out, it was nothing like I anticipated. When I first saw you, I had no idea you and I would be like we are today, sharing prayers, laughs, cries, and conversations, and simply having each other’s backs.

On your special day, when I see you decked out in your dress standing as portrait of pure radiance, I’ll marvel but will stand in awe of the fact that my little sister’s all grown up.

You’re no longer the little girl in a blond, braided ponytail, wearing jelly shoes and holding your blanket baby. I’ll realize you’re no longer the little girl I used to play hide-and-go-seek with and ride our bikes during cool, spring days with, even though Heather and Tiffany were much faster than we were. Or even the little girl who I exchanged scary stories with on Halloween when the four of us kids would sit in front of a big, lit Jack-O-Lantern.

Now, on your special day, you’re the little girl who’s now become the wonderful woman and will forever be my sister, my kindred, and one of my very best friends.

You always will be, and perhaps you always were.