Budget and Finance approves 21 resolutions

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At its Dec. 10 meeting, the budget and finance committee approved 21 budget resolutions.
Among these was a resolution to use money from state grants to fund an archery program in the school system.
“Jimmie Jeffries worked on this,” committee member Tom Hatmaker said. “He was the driving force behind this.”
Gail Stanley is the instructor for the program.
A resolution was passed last month to fund an archery program at one school last month, Campbell County Finance Director Jeff Marlow said. This resolution uses three $1,000 state grants to fund archery programs at three sites. However, an additional $3,250 had to be taken from instructional supplies and materials to fund the program. The program costs about twice as much as the grant provides, Marlow said.
The budget and finance committee also spent some time discussing another resolution that involved allocating money from a grant to enable used oil to be collected at convenience centers. Some of the members of the committee, such as Hatmaker and Rusty Orick, were concerned passing the resolution would make the county accountable for collecting the oil. They expressed concerns there isn’t enough money in the budget for this.
Marlow speculated this might be a precursor for further regulation from the state.
“If we don’t accept this money now, they’ll be making a demand that we spend our own money later,” he said.