Budget and finance committee approve budget proposal

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By Charlotte Underwood

Over the course of two meetings, members of the budget and finance committee finished discussing and approving the 2009-10-budget proposal.

The proposal, presented by Campbell County Finance Director Jeff Marlow, is “very much a flat budget.”

“We’ve never had a situation in my 17 or 18 cycles where there wasn’t a little bit of money in there-but that’s all gone,” Marlow said.

The lack of available funding left commissioners little choice but to approve the bare bones budget proposal.

“I believe with all my heart that the budget is as streamlined as it can be,” Marlow said.

The 101 general fund budget proposal was passed by the committee on Monday night, as was the highway/public works fund.

The Tuesday night meeting went even smoother.

Commissioner Scotty Kitts made the motion to accept the sanitation and solid waste fund, while Commissioner Bobby White seconded the motion and remaining committee members agreed. The general capitol projects fund budget proposal also passed, along with the approval of the debt service fund. The budget and finance committee also approved a $150,000 capital outlay note for the auger/grinder needed for the jail sewer.

“We will be borrowing money when we do the capital outlay,” Marlow warned commissioners.

“We also gave away $500,000 and now we’re borrowing again,” said Budget and Finance Chair Lynn Letner, who was the only member who voted no to that particular proposal.

At the end of the meeting, the budget proposal passed and a special called meeting was scheduled to present it to the full county commission on Aug 10.

Commissioner Adrion Baird suggested the committee that it do a vote of confidence in favor of the county mayor, finance director and department heads for presenting a balanced budget. Committee members agreed unanimously.

“It’s been tight; but hopefully we’ll have another good year,” said Letner.