Budget and Finance Committee debates resolution

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 Members of the Campbell County Budget and Finance Committee discussed a resolution to pay for a used garbage truck by adjusting the convenience center hours.

The resolution called for issuing a three-year capital outlay note to finance the garbage truck, according to resolution 9-9. In order to pay for this, the convenience center sites would be closed on Sundays. The resolution would also reduce the hours of the weekend attendants from 30 to 20 per week, changing their status from full-time to part-time. Employees currently working for the county would be ‘grandfathered in’ with life and medical insurance benefits, but new employees will be ineligible.

Many of the members of the budget and finance committee raised objections to the resolution. The commission had approved a budget that eliminated no positions or services. Commissioner J. L. Davis voiced concern that the committee discussed making cuts to services and employees’ hours the meeting after the budget was passed.

Sundays are important days for putting up trash, Commissioner Alvin Evans said.

“Somebody’s not doing their job,” Evans said.

“Can we push this back?” Commissioner Rusty Orick asked. “We’ll go look at it, we’ll have the mechanic there. Let’s look at it, if we need to do what we need to do, we’ll do what we need to do.”

The committee had already approved five of the 12 resolutions. Campbell County Director of Finance Jeff Marlow suggested the committee pass a motion to pull resolution 9-9 from the rest of the six remaining resolutions. Commissioner David Adkins made the motion to make 9-9 separate. His motion passed with eight yes votes. Tom Hatmaker, Beverly Hall, Sue Nance and Davis voted no. Terry Singley, Charlie Baird and Bob Walden were absent.

The committee approved the 11 other motions. No motion was made to approve resolution 9-9.

School system

The budget and finance committee passed five resolutions that affected the school system in one motion. There were 11 yes votes and zero no votes. Four committee members, Singley, Baird, Walden and Hatmaker, were absent. Hatmaker entered the meeting between the vote on Resolutions 9-1 and 9-5 and Resolutions 9-6 through 9-12.

•Resolution 9-1: A review of the local tax collections across fiscal years resulted in the need to revise collection amounts between accounts, according to Jeff Marlow. While revisions were needed, they still resulted in balanced accounts.

•Resolution 9-2: The sale of the Old Stony Fork School property generated $29,000 of revenue, Marlow said. A portion of this revenue, $24,500, will help equip school busses with video cameras, GPS locator devises, software and other transportation data, Marlow said. The remaining $4,500 will be used to pay for the advertising and survey costs associated with the sale of the Old Stony Fork School’s sale.

•Resolution 9-3: The school system has received $5,390.31 in insurance recovery proceeds to repair fire alarms at White Oak School.

•Resolution 9-4: In the last fiscal year, which ended June 30, more funds were used at the alternative school than anticipated, Marlow said. This resulted in less carryover funds for the project, and appropriations had to be revised by $5,898.

•Resolution 9-5: A review of the general-purpose fund to lessen the effects of personnel reductions made during the budget preparation period revealed changes that could meet remaining personnel needs, Marlow said. Among these were $52,663 in less debt service requirement for the energy efficient school program, $13,814 in lower liability insurance renewal costs, savings in natural gas and from reductions in capital outlay funds, Marlow said. Some personnel transfers were also made between sites to meet operational needs within the school system, Marlow said.

Other resolutions

The committee approved five other resolutions with nine yes votes. Hall, Hatmaker and Nance voted no. Singley, Baird and Walden were absent.

Resolution 9-6: There was a need to revise tax collection amounts between accounts. There was also a need to appropriate funds to provide for $2,200 worth of legal costs, which are associated with bankruptcy and delinquent tax sale questions, Marlow said.

•Resolution 9-7: The Sheriff’s property is anticipated to generate $12,000 worth of revenue from the sale of confiscated property and there is $929 worth of insurance recovery proceeds. This revenue is being appropriated to fund motor vehicle costs and maintenance and repair to the Walnut Mountain communications tower.

•Resolution 9-8: Because 52220 Central Finance was identified as a more appropriate place for multi-departmental operational needs than 52900 Other Finance, all the appropriations and funds were moved to 52220 Central Finance, Marlow said.

•Resolution 9-10: North Regional EMS contacted Campbell County Ambulance Service about the cancellation of the Vehicular Maintenance Agreement and anticipated revenues and related appropriations were decreased to reflect July’s activity, Marlow said. The Ambulance service fund was reduced by $18,700 in July.

•Resolution 9-11: Investment income, special purpose litigation taxes and interstate telecommunication taxes are anticipated to be less while local option sales taxes are expected to increase, Marlow said. Marlow expects the increase from the local option sales tax to be greater than the decreases in the other taxes. The resolution adjusts the budget, adding $27,000 for the local option sales tax. It decreases $1,000 for the litigation/special purpose tax, $1,000 for the interstate telecommunications tax and $25,000 for the investment income.

•Resolution 9-12: There is a need for an extra guardrail and drainage ditch at Lonas Young Memorial Park, Marlow said. The project, which will cost $8,000, will be funded from savings through the 1 percent discount for 10-day invoice payment from the Energy Efficient Projects, Marlow said.