Budget and finance committee passes 22 resolutions

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Monday night, the budget and finance committee passed 22 resolutions.
Among these was a resolution to use $85,000 from the undesignated fund balance to pay for structural review services and the cost of developing project plans and specifications to allow the probable structural work at Campbell County High School to be solicited, Jeff Marlow said.
Committee member Bobby White asked about the overall life of CCHS.
“We’re pouring money down a rat hole,” he said.
Marlow pointed out the alternative is spending $40 million on a new high school.
“There is no way to have a new high school in Campbell County the size of CCHS with a price less than $35 million,” Marlow said.
The debt service required to finance such an expenditure would require an increase in revenue of about $4 million a year, Marlow said. A tax increase would be necessary to bring in such revenue, Marlow said.
“I’m not advocating closing that high school and putting in a new one,” White said. “We got to do what we got to do. We got to end up building a new school. It’s just a matter of when.”
Delinquent tax refunds
The county is being required to refund delinquent tax payments. In order to pay for this, $5,089 is being appropriated from collections from the circuit clerk and clerk and master offices.
Highway Department fund
The highway department needs to purchase an asphalt-recycling machine. This purchase will be financed by the general capital projects fund and the highway department fund. Additional money has also been made available through changes in medical insurance participation, office equipment and utilities. The low bid received for the finance department roof was less than originally estimated freeing money for the purchase.