Bullock cashes in checks for steel bars

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By Melissa Indelicato

Most people think of cash as a material object.

But Shonda L. Bullock, 31, of 212 North Tennessee Avenue, used the word in the action sense when she allegedly cashed four checks that didn’t belong to her.

Avoiding four outstanding warrants for over a year, Bullock was arrested on July 15 for violation of probation in neighboring Claiborne County. Once arrested she was served with her pending LaFollette warrants dating back to 2008 and shortly after was transferred to Campbell County jail.

Her first offense arose around January 29, 2008 when Bullock allegedly entered a car belonging to a female without permission and stole property worth more than a $500. This included a debit card she used at the West End BP and attempted to use at other locations at least eight times according to Det. David Muse’s police report.

Exactly six months later on July 29, 2008, she incurred similar charges with what Muse called “an opportune crime.” Muse said, “She was allegedly just walking around checking for unlocked doors, found that the victims car that was, and took his checkbook.”

Bullock allegedly cashed one check that day for $300. According to police records, she also attempted to cash two other checks on August 12, 2008 at the Y-12 Federal Credit Union but fled the scene when they tried stalling her while waiting for police to arrive.

Bullock is currently being held at Campbell County jail awaiting her hearing scheduled for July 24. She is being charged with two counts of auto burglary, three counts of forgery, two counts of attempted theft, three counts of theft of property under $500, and one theft of property $500-$999.