Cameras could be installed at dump

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By Jennifer Caldwell

The age old discussion of cameras at the county’s recycling center topped the agenda of Monday’s environmental committee meeting.

Commissioner Johnny Joe Dower introduced the topic saying the cameras were needed at the facility for safety reasons.

“If I was a night watchman out there I would want to have cameras out there,” Dower said citing the increased number of thefts in the community.

Discussion inevitably turned to money as Commissioner Adrion Baird questioned where the funding for the cameras would come from.

“Have you done a cost analysis on this,” Baird asked Dower.

According to Dower, the estimate received last year for placing four cameras at the convenience center was approximately $15,000.

“Where’s the money going to come from,” Commissioner Melvin Boshears asked weighing in on the matter.

“Jeff Marlow can find the money. He always does,” Commissioner Whit Goins responded.

Dower suggested the committee request Marlow explore the possibility of funding the project in the current budget or allocating funding in the 2009-10 budget for the cameras.

“This year’s budget, according to Mr. Marlow, is already at a breaking point without a tax increase,” Baird said in response to Dowers motion.

Despite Baird’s objections, the committee passed a motion to install cameras at the convenience center contingent on funding. The matter must now go before the budget and finance committee and on to the full commission for approval before action is taken.