Camp Galilee to host scrapbooking retreat

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Galilee Bible Camp will host scrapbooking retreat this weekend.
The purpose of the retreat is to be a ministry to Christians and an outreach to people who don’t attend church, said Becky Fladie, coordinator for the event.
The retreat is “a comfortable place for people who don’t come to church, but we try to encourage Christians who are there,” Fladie said.
Camp Galilee hosts a scrapbooking retreat in the fall and the spring.
“The ladies bring their own stuff,” Fladie said. “It’s a chance for them to get away and look at their own scrapbooks.”
Women sleep in the Hull Building and work on their scrapbooks in the Rigby Building. Food is also provided, Fladie said. The women will eat breakfast and lunch in the dining hall on Friday.
“We usually ask the ladies to bring a snack on Friday night,” Fladie said.
While some of the ladies go to bed at about 10 p.m. and wake up early the next morning to resume work on scrapbooks, others work late into the night and sleep in the next morning, Fladie said.
The retreat includes two Bible studies. One will be held Friday, and the other around lunchtime Saturday. Fladie usually leads the studies, she said.
The retreat begins at 7 p.m. Friday, and ends at 4 p.m. Saturday, Fladie said.
Registration costs $25. There is room for 23 people to sleep in the Hull Building.
“It’s pretty much first come, first served,” Fladie said.
“If someone wants to drive back and forth, if they’re able to, they can do that,” Fladie said.
While the retreat is aimed at adults, a few women have brought their older teenaged daughters, Fladie said.
“But we try to keep it to age 20 and older,” Fladie said.
For information about registration, call 562-4910.