Campbell County High School sees vandalism by students

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By Charlotte Underwood

The students were caught inside the building, according to Martin.  However, he said he was unaware how the students gained access to the building.  Martin said he left all disciplinary action up to CCHS Principal Robbie Heatherly.

“All I can really say is a group of students had a plan to do something and got caught doing it,” said Heatherly.

Though the students were not all seniors, there was a sizable number of them involved in the alleged prank, according to Heatherly.

“It was a group of very good students that made a mistake and have been punished for it,” Heatherly said.  He said nothing was permanently damaged.  

“The damage was nothing that couldn’t be cleaned up,” Heatherly said.  He and the students allegedly involved have spent the last two days cleaning up the school.

All the students involved in the prank stayed after school on Monday in order to clean up the damage that they had done.  They were there until nearly 2 a.m. finishing the cleaning, according to Martin.

“All of the parents have been spoken with and they have been very supportive of the punishment,” Martin said.