Cancer Association says 'thanks' for support

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 To the editor: 

The Campbell County Cancer Association extends sincere appreciation to everyone for our successful Telethon held April 6 on WLAF Channel 12. More than $32,000 in pledges were made during the program to help local cancer patients. 

Special thanks to the staff of WLAF, Jim, Josh, David, Bill and Jason for all their help. Thanks to all the wonderful singers and musicians who performed during the program to include: Haylynn Willis, Josh Etters and On-Call, Goins Family, Bobbie Archer and Vanessa Dupuy, Tribute, New Harvest and Standing Tall (Fincastle Church of God singers).

Thanks to the many volunteers who gave of their time and talent during the Telethon. Special thanks to cancer patients, John Barrrett, Andy Hill, Greg Marlow and Kim Russell for their testimonials. Most especially thanks to everyone who pledged their support and encouragement. We are truly blessed to live in a county that so freely shares their resources. May God bless everyone who was able to share. Thank You so much.

Clarence Lowe

Treasurer, Campbell County Cancer Association