Caryville budget passed on second reading

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By Charlotte Underwood

At Monday night’s special called meeting in Caryville, the mayor and board of aldermen passed the 2009-10 budget on its second reading.

The proposed budget takes into account the $114,000 deficit of the town and includes ordinance amendments meant to increase revenues, which have been down due to a slow economy and a lack of travel.

The two main changes were to employee insurance costs and the garbage pick up fee.

As a result of the first amendment, as detailed in the first budget meeting, employees will be responsible for paying 10-percent of their insurance costs, effective after July 1. This will equal out to roughly a dollar an hour cut in pay for many of the town’s employees, according to Mayor Bobby Stooksbury.

The second change came in the form of a garbage pick up fee increase of $2 a month. The amendment allows the town to collect the maximum dollar amount of $12 per month for garbage pickup.

When passing the budget came down to a vote, the board was divided, with Stooksbury breaking the tie.

Aldermen Chris Stanley, Mark Stanley and Glenn Smith each voted no to accept the budget and the budget changes, while Vickie Heatherly, Wade Lawson and Danny Forrester each voted yes.

The board also discussed and voted to allow the fire department to apply for a FEMA grant, which if received would fund the building of a new fire hall 100-percent. This means it would be constructed at no cost to the town of Caryville.

“They need more room,” agreed Forrester.

If the town were to receive this grant and build a new fire hall, the police department would then move to the fire hall, according to Stooksbury.

“It would give everybody more room,” Stooksbury added.

He informed the board he had received a letter stating that there was only so much money and many applicants, so the quicker the application could be completed the better.

The board agreed and voted to allow the fire department to apply for the grant.

“ A 100-percent grant is the best kind,” said Stooksbury.