Caryville Elementary sees heightened security measures

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By Beth Braden

Parents may find the rules a little tighter at the county’s elementary schools.

“We’ve tightened down on a lot of the morning entrances. Some of the students at some schools report to one central location, like in the gym for some. Some go in the cafeteria and then they’re escorted to the classrooms when the teachers get there,” said director of schools, Donnie Poston.

Caryville Elementary School principal Lori Adkins says she has had few complaints about the tighter procedures that keep parents from walking their children to the classroom.

“We’ve gotten much more positive than we have negative,” she said.

Caryville Police Chief Johnny Jones helps monitor morning drop-offs.

“They’re letting them [children] come to the front of the building then the teachers are meeting them and taking the kids from there. They’re trying to cut it from the parents roaming the hall and everything,” he said.

Despite the tighter security, Adkins says parents are still encouraged to schedule a visit to observe the classroom and are still permitted to attend special events like classroom parties.

“Special events are still allowed. Even if they want to observe their classroom, we have scheduled days for those to occur. It’s not really a big change,” she said.

Parents who have noticed changes are seeing the result of more strictly enforcing standing policies, Adkins said.

“A lot of those policies have always been in place, we weren’t just as strict,” she said.