Caryville to hire police officer

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By Beth Braden

CARYVILLE— There’s an empty spot on the police force in Caryville after the resignation of officer Gary Johnson.
Johnson was hired last August at the same time as Mike Caudill, who was fired in December after giving his two-week’s notice. He now works with the Jacksboro Police Department.
“We just need to discuss hiring a police officer. Putting an ad in the paper and so forth,” said Caryville Mayor Chris Stanley.
Johnson moved on to another job, though Stanley did not give specifics on where he went.
Alderwoman Vickie Heatherly asked about increasing the pay for incoming officers.
“Is there any possible way we can go up from $10 to $11 an hour to get good quality officers?”
Stanley assured her that the new officer would make $11 an hour.
“So if we’re going to hire him before the new budget comes into effect, we’re going to start him-“ Heatherly said.
“Or her,” Stanley interrupted.
“at $11 an hour?” Heatherly finished.
During the last search for a police officer, Stanley advocated for the lone female applicant, Miranda Grubb, to have the job because she had a college degree in criminal justice.
It was unclear when the town would begin taking applications for the vacant position or if it would revisit applications on file from the last officer search