CC Honor Guard provides military funerals for local veterans

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The Campbell County Honor Guard provides local veterans with full military funerals. The CCHG provides this service for veterans in Campbell County, Scott County, Claiborne County and Anderson County. Some funerals have been provided for veterans in Kentucky as well, CCHG Commander Dr. Don Chadwick said.
The CCHG is one of few full-dress military honor guards in Tennessee consisting of volunteers, Campbell County Veterans Affairs Office Director Kevin Walden said.
“They’re made up of all branches of the military,” Walden said. “You have to be a veteran to be in it.”
There are currently 32 active members, Chadwick said.
“We have a few inactive members,” Chadwick said.
The CCHG has given military honors to 1,000s of veterans, Logan Hickman said in a press release about the Boy Scouts of America Campbell County Good Scout Award Dinner. The CCHG gave military honors to over 100 deceased veterans in 2012.
“They do about 100 (funerals) every year,” Walden said.
 “If the family (requests) a military funeral, we do it,” Chadwick said. “We’ll do a full funeral.”
The services the CCHG provide allow veterans to receive honors they might not receive otherwise.
“Law only requires a two man team,” Walden said.
This allows for the playing of taps and folding of the flag.
However, the honor guard provides “full military honors,” Walden said. In addition to the playing of taps and the folding of the flag, this includes a 21-gun salute and a parade of flags detail.
“We do it for nothing,” Chadwick said. “We don’t charge nothing.”
People make donations to the CCHG so they can pay for gas to get to funerals, and pay for equipment and uniforms.
“We do have a couple Army guys that comes with us if we want them,” Chadwick said.
When the CCHG needs assistance with funerals, Chadwick notifies Sgt. Aaron Williams with the Army National Guard in Knoxville, Chadwick said.
“That’s who I call,” Chadwick said.
There are members of the National Guard who help with the funerals, Chadwick said.
The CCHG also provides other services to the community.
“Not only do they do funerals, but they do other military awareness functions in the community,” Walden said.
The honor guard also provides support for ceremonies honoring military veterans and their families, Memorial Day and Veterans Day ceremonies, retreats, Colors presentations, and parades, Hickman said in the press release.