CCHS football camp building a foundation

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By Chris Cannon

Twitter: @ChrisCannon89


JACKSBORO–Campbell County High School hosted 80 youngsters on Monday and Tuesday for its third annual football camp.
Participants learned speed skills, defensive techniques and offensive tactics.
For head coach Justin Price, the camp was a big experience.
“It’s humbling for us,” Price said. “We started out with this about three summers ago. We had about 15 kids. It kind of grows with your program, and the more effort you put into these things to show the community that it’s their team. The future of our program lies in the middle schools and little leagues.”
The members of those teams didn’t disappoint, either.
According to Price, they all gave it their best.
“To see those guys come up and give everything they have, it’s awesome as a coach,” he said. “This is one of my favorite times of the year, being a coach, is to coach these little ones. They get so much better in two days, it’s unbelievable.”
Throughout the night, much with a Butch Jones feel, Price yelled across the loud speakers telling players the same thing each time.
Between speed drills, he yelled, “Get there first. Don’t walk on the field.”
During defense, “It’s all about the ball!”
“The foundation of football is all the same at every level,” he said. “If you’re not walking on the field, it means your giving effort from point A to point B. Those core values of playing football that I was saying over the loud speaker, if those kids can hear it, ‘Protect the football, high and tight,’ those things are what makes them a good football player.”
While the schemes and working out are good, according to Price, it’s about instilling a foundation in the young players.
To some, they won’t forget it.
“I had a couple kids tell me, ‘We get it. It’s all about the ball,’” Price said. “‘Well, don’t ever forget it.’ I was trying to be annoying, and it worked. If those guys can hear that now, I think it’ll carry with them as they go on.”
Some other players that are carrying what they learned are the high school athletes.
On Tuesday, the players were out teaching the youngsters about football, techniques and how to do the speed drills.
“That’s another thing that we’ve progressed to,” Price said. “Our kids can go out and run drills that we do with them everyday. They’re doing the same thing showing these kids how it’s done. I can hear them speaking the same terminology. I think that’s another thing, step, that’s going to help as we move this thing along.”