Cemetery tour, ghost walk, to entertain history buff

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By Beth Braden

Addison Bowman Cemetery will come to life on Oct. 20 when re-enactors portray the lives of the cemetery’s residents.

Joe Stephens of the Campbell County Historic Society has led a cemetery tour for the society each fall for several years. This year’s tour will be a little different from years past in how visitors experience the reenactments. Instead of the entire tour moving together from grave to grave, attendees will be free to move around among the actors.

One of the graves visitors will learn about is the grave of Peter C. Childress. Childress was a delegate to the unionist convention held in Knoxville near the time of the civil war.

“This was the convention where they sent word to Nashville that we don’t want to succeed from the Union,” Stephens said.

Admission to the cemetery tour is free, and it is designed to be educational, not scary. Re-enactors will act out the lives of the dead between 3 and 5 p.m.

Addison Bowman Cemetery is located at 975 Doak’s Creek Road. For more information, call the Campbell County Historical Society at 566-3581 or email Joe Stephens at JoeStephens10@hotmail.com.

Those who seek to hear some of LaFollette’s sordid past should plan to attend one of the ghost walks on Oct. 19 or 20.

“It’s a ghost walk of downtown LaFollette that includes historical murders, shootings and ghosts that haunt downtown,” said Allen Miller, tour leader.

Exact times will be set at a later date, and more tours could be added depending on interest. Miller can be reached at 494-4985 for more information.