Chief Lynch recommends promotion, debates salary

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By Natasha LaFayette



LaFollette Police Department Detective Jeff Allen was recommended for a promotion to the LaFollette City Council Tuesday night.

“This is a position we have to have filled,” said Police Chief James Lynch about the promotion of Allen to a Lieutenant.

Lynch further explained to the council that Allen meets all of the qualifications and recommended he have a starting salary of $35,000.

“The money is already in the budget so it creates no additional monies to be put out,” said Lynch. “He would just be moving into my previous position and taking over the salary rate that I was making.”

After Lynch appealed to the council for the promotion, Councilman Hansford Hatmaker began asking questions to clarify Allen’s experience with the department.

Hatmaker clarified  Allen had worked with the department eight years.

“We are going to start him at eight years what it took you 22 to get to,” said Hatmaker.

Allen would be receiving an increase of $2,279 a year with the promotion, according to Lynch.

Hatmaker said the request was too much, saying similar to the council’s decision on Lynch’s salary the high amounts leave no room for future raises.

Allen stated he had 19 years law enforcement experience.

“My job duties are also going to entail me still doing my detective cases also, so I am going to have double duty,” said Allen

Hatmaker said he was in favor of the promotion but the salary hike was too substantial for the position.

“We are not increasing taxes or asking for any tax increase to change this,” said Lynch. “The money is already allocated at a slightly higher rate than what I recommended.”

The council agreed to vote on the promotion and salary at the upcoming council meeting June 2.