Christmas came early

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By The Staff

Have you ever been so excited to do something that you just couldn’t wait?

I’m sure all of you have been there. It’s those moments when Pandora has to take a peak inside the box and the cat dies of curiosity a.k.a. you just can’t darn-well take it anymore!

Earlier this week, I did something I used to not understand other people for doing. I put my Christmas decorations up, tree and all. I wanted to wait, but on my way back from the auto parts store, it happened. Christmas music. “Hard Candy Christmas” and “O Holy Night” boomed through my stereo system and I was instantly in the Christmas mood. Before I go any further, I just want to say this--Stella, I understand now.

I fired up my favorite cocoa, placed the last wise man on top of my fireplace mantle, and hung the last stocking with care. It’s not that I was forgetting Thanksgiving, by any means. It’s just that I simply couldn’t wait. After the halls were decked with boughs of holly, it was just a marvelous sight.

Deep down, I’m not exactly sure what I’d gotten excited about. Even though  Christmas hangs heavy in my house from now until 2010, it’s a rather bittersweet holiday for me. So many of my loved ones who loved this time of year are no longer with us. In fact, it kind of made me wonder why I bothered putting a tree up anyway.

Then, it dawned on me. They loved Christmas. If I keep Christmas, or any other holiday, alive and celebrate it as they did, then they’re never really gone. Just because we can’t see them doesn’t mean they’re not there to share in the joy of any season and the happiest times of our lives. If we refuse to enjoy something because the people are no longer there to enjoy it, then we miss out on all those times we can feel them closer than ever, even when they‘re not here.

As I hung the last stocking for the season, I was reminded of an old proverb that says, “God will hold us responsible for all the wonderful things that we have refused to enjoy.”

I don’t know about you but I’d hate to make God mad, wouldn’t you?