Christmas tradition has long history

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By Nancy Bright, TYPESETTER

With the currently holiday season in full swing, homes are now adorned with lights inside and out, bows on trees and little ones making their lists for Santa Claus.

At this time of year everyone has a tradition they engage in whether it be shopping with friends, a quite lunch or a favorite charity they give to.

For me my tradition began when I was in first grade- 30 years ago.

My Christmas tradition is to hang a red Hallmark mouse on my mother’s Christmas tree.

Through the years she has had many Christmas trees with many different themes; but she always makes sure that I hang my mouse on her tree. Fifteen years ago I moved into my own home. On my first Christmas Mom offered to let me take the mouse to my home. I declined because I felt that my mouse belonged on her tree.

This is a very special mouse; it was given to me by my first grade teacher, Martha Dossett.

You see, I was a very unsure little child when it came to going to school and being separated from my family. I cried every day that I went to school and Mrs. Dossett tried very hard to make me feel better. She tried everything she could and finally she told me that if I would quit crying for a certain amount of time she would have a special reward for me.

To this day I remember sitting beside her desk waiting for my reward, wondering what it would be.

I never knew at that time what that little mouse would mean to me 30 years later.

This past Saturday after I came home from the Christmas parade with my family, I went next door to my mom’s house to put away some boxes for her. There sitting on her sofa table was my red mouse waiting to be placed on her Christmas tree. I found myself as I had in past years looking for the perfect place on the tree for my mouse.

So thank you Mrs. Dossett for not only your patience but for starting a Christmas tradition for me.