Cieslak won’t be mother of the year

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By Susan Sharp

Wanda Cieslak.

That name has been on the lips of a many people lately.

Cieslak is charged with killing her newborn son. His body was found days later in a garbage bag.

Looking at a first-degree murder charge along with an aggravated child abuse charge Cieslak’s future seems pretty grim.

But at least she has one.

That is more that can be said for her son.

I realize Cieslak has yet to be tried much less convicted of any crime. So saying she is guilty of murder is premature.

But I will readily say this woman has no business having any more children.

At her preliminary hearing it was revealed Cieslak has four other children. Yes, four other children whom I might add she doesn’t have custody of.

But that didn’t stop her from getting pregnant a fifth time.

She is a grown woman who should have known how to prevent a pregnancy. Cieslak obviously had no concern or affection for this child from the beginning because it was also revealed at her preliminary hearing she sought no prenatal care.

Further illustrating her disregard for the health of this child, as well as her own, when she began having labor pains, Cieslak failed to go to a hospital? A place where she could have given birth then gotten up and walked away from the child with no questions asked.

Instead she crawled through a window, yes crawled through a window, of  a quarantined meth house and gave birth alone in the dark.

Now let’s deconstruct that scenario.

First she went through a window. In the process of that she could have fallen, gotten stuck, a great number of things could have happened to complicate the delivery of her child. Next, Cieslak gave birth alone. I know that a woman’s body will do what it needs to when it is time to birth a child. That being said add in Cieslak hadn’t received any prenatal care; she had no clue if her child was healthy, was breech or full-term.

And let’s not forget earlier in the day she had injected roxicotins and xanax into her system.  And she was in the dark because through her own admission- she didn’t want to be arrested for being in a quarantined meth house.

But Cieslak contends she birthed the child on her own. She also alleged he didn’t make a sound when he was born. And still she didn’t see the need for help.

But nonetheless, exhausted from labor, delivery and probably crashing from her high earlier in the day, Cieslak says she passed out.

Many hours later she is awaken by a garbage truck. Cieslak says at this point she discovered her son’s small cold lifeless body next to her.

So what does she do? She puts the infant in a garbage bag and goes out looking for a dog she had left with a neighbor.

I would submit Cieslak isn’t even fit to care for that animal.

She using, and more than likely was addicted to, narcotics. But the last time I checked intoxication and addiction were not an excuse to commit a crime.

Did she intentionally kill her son?

We don’t know yet. The medical examiner hasn’t determined the exact cause of death yet.

Did Cieslak in some state of a narcotics hangover roll over and smother her child? Or did something else happen?

Again, we don’t know yet.

But here is what we do know- she was pregnant, didn’t receive prenatal care, got high on the day she gave birth, woke up to find her child dead and then put him in a garbage bag. Then she goes out to look for a dog.

Cieslak at best acted in a negligent, reckless, heartless manner.

It sickens me that people who would make wonderful parents go childless while a woman with possibly a drug addiction, afraid of a criminal trespassing charge, concerned with a finding a dog literally threw her child away.