Citizen supports efforts

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LaFollette Press:

Hello, My name is Fatima Marie Atabey. I am writing you today on behalf of two courageous young men that have started a program called HateMeth.com.
They have a need for funding in a rural community. It requires ten arces of land to build an amusement park and an educational activity center. It is for the prevention and clean up of Crystal Meth here in Campbell and Claiborne Counties and Tennessee. I now live in what is commonly referred to as the Meth Capital of the United States, LaFollette.

In Sister Mary Rose Mcgeady's book entitled. "Are you out there God," you reflect on what happens to young adults that become homeless and feel like they have no future but to prostitute, sell, and drugs and buy into the devil bound society profiling system. Some might never leave this system unless educated on how to do so. Many of our children/ family services and Camelot workers spend most of their time trying to find homes for abused and drug addicted teenagers here in Claiborne and Campbell, Tennessee. We have only a limited number of programs for the youths aging from seventeen to twenty-one years of age.  Sister Mary wrote, "But were more important to our teens than ever. As they try out the values of their peers, who are more influential than ever, we encounter the pull of drugs and alcohol. These entangle children everyday and can ruin their lives. I ask you please pray to God that you can find a way to these young men buy there ten arces of land here, so our teens will turn to HateMeth.com organizational resources rather than selling pain pills, drinking, or making methamphetamines.

We need to teach our youth to have more to look for than a Social Security check, cooking, and selling drugs. They need to think more of what they can become.
Thank You for Your Time. Please help I pray,

Fatima Marie Atabey