Citizens voice concerns about park

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By Charlotte Underwood

Several concerned citizens attended the Monday night Caryville Mayor and Aldermen meeting in order to voice their concerns. The group was worried about night activities at Asbury Park.

Resident Tim Mefford was the first to address the board about the various problems being faced by himself and his neighbors.

“During the day, Asbury Park is just one of the best things Caryville’s got, but after dark it turns into a different place,” Mefford said.

He, along with his neighbors, Billy Smithers and Clyde Richardson, all live near the park and say they have observed various illegal activities going on after the park closes.

“You have cars pulling in, driver side to driver side and see them handing stuff back and forth,” Mefford said. He also reported to the board that people come into the park and play basketball at all hours of the morning.

“Course I’ve called 911 and the police are always quick to get there, but the kids just take off before they arrive,” Mefford said. He, Smithers and Richardson also reported problems with fireworks being shot off in the park, causing unsafe debris to fall on or near their houses.

“They go in there and do whatever they want because they’re under the cover of darkness, but during the day, the park is the best place in the world to be,” Mefford said. He also told the board the old playground equipment in Asbury Park was becoming unsafe due to loose screws.

The board discussed the issue and decided to begin closing the park earlier at dark and to begin locking the gates.

“We can lock it up at night and adjust the hours so it closes at dark,” said Stooksbury. He also said he would ask police officers to patrol the area more.

“If you all see anything else going on, just keep calling the police, and people will eventually get the message that people are watchin. We’ll do what we can,” Stooksbury said.

Alderman Wade Lawson said he would check the old playground equipment and possibly end up dismantling it for safety reasons.