Cold Case resolutions recounted in books by one time detective

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By Natasha LaFayette

The opportunity to write books is a luxury few can afford, but for Richard Foschino that is now a possibility. He has waited years to put his experiences as a detective down on paper.

Recently retired from the Campbell County Sheriff’s Department, Foschino has compiled court cases from over 30 years of police work.

“Since I left the sheriff’s office I have been writing feverishly,” said Foschino

Before coming to Campbell County Foschino worked at the Anderson County Sheriff’s Department. While there he was given the assignment to elucidate four unsolved murders that had taken place as far back as the early 1980’s.

“In 10 years I solved everyone of those murders,” said Foschino about his dedication in finding the true killers in those unsolved cases.

Though Foschino was dedicated in bringing justice to cases that were otherwise forgotten, he said he missed out on a lot of things his two children were going through. Basketball games and activities went unattended and Foschino said he felt a deep remorse for not being there.

“So I sat down and wrote two manuscripts to explain to them what I was doing all those years,” said Foschino about how he shared his experiences with his children. “They were the ones that convinced me to go further.”

Foschino’s son, Brian helped to prepare the first book, “Mountain Revenge.”

However, they faced many obstacles as the rejection notices filed in from publishing companies around the US.

“It is nearly impossible for an unknown author to get published,” said Foschino. “So I decided to go ahead and do it myself.”

Foschino and his son gained publishing status and established the Mountain Top Press. Soon they were printing.

It was only a year later when Foschino released his second novel, “Mother’s Blood”-  also a case solved while he was working in Anderson County.

“It tells who the real killer is and exonerates the other suspects,” said Foschino about the true story. “The husband was suspected for years as the killer. The sense of relief he got when I solved the case was incredible.”

Lt. Anthony Callo is Foschino’s main character in all of his books. Callo is zealous and unpredictable as he weeds through the suspects and evidence in each cold case.

The most recent novel published by Mountain Top Press is “Final Judgment,” a true story from 1982 about the cold-blooded murder of William Hoskins.

Since Foschino retired last October, he has completed “Final Judgment” as well as his first book of fiction to be released in the coming weeks entitled “Queen of Hearts.” Foschino excitedly explained the new fiction book as a work of his imagination.

In the novel a serial killer in a small city, much like LaFollette, leaves the playing card of the queen of hearts on his victims.

“The ending is an unbelievable surprise,” said Foschino with pleasure as he seeded curiosity in the new book with a new style. “It’s a pretty accurate account of what would be a complex investigation by a small town cop.”

 Foschino laughed as he considered the book’s ingenuity and brilliance. “It is a great book,” he continued.

Foschino started his career in police work in New York. As a rookie officer, just two weeks on the job, Foschino helped investigate a homicide.

“I knew from that point I wanted to be a detective,” said Foschino.

Though Foschino grew up in New York, he left his job there after four years and moved to Tennessee. He said the move was the best decision he ever made. Foschino currently lives in Jacksboro.

To read more about Foschino’s books in print visit to www.booksbyacop.com, the website also features purchasing options.