Column: Disciplined football in 2013

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By Chris Cannon

Over the past week, I’ve spent time with the Campbell County High School football team, as they’ve been hard at work practicing.

One thing I’ve noticed is that the team has a great deal of discipline.

I really commend the Prices, as well as the other coaches, as they run a tight ship among the football program.

Hanging from the fence on the far side of the practice field, banners, one of which spells out discipline, show the goals that Campbell County has for itself.

Body language was a big one on Monday and Tuesday.

Matt Price came sprinting across the field, walking up to a player to ask him, “What does your body language show me?”

The coaches want their team to be disciplined, while not showing weakness.

At times, players would lean on their knees or go limping toward their positions.

For Matt, it wasn’t good enough.

Upon watching the scenario, it became clear that we all could learn something from the discipline the team shows.

Often times, we get tired of the everyday grind, wanting to give up or give in.

However, we have to keep pressing on and keep working to better ourselves.

It’s obviously been working for the football team, as they seem poised for what could be Campbell County’s best season yet.

With the schedule spread out, meaning not having to face Powell, Central and Oak Ridge back-to-back-to-back, it could offer enough time to regain momentum for each game.

The offense appears to be as potent as ever, as Jeffers seems 100 percent more relaxed in the pocket during spring practice.

Last season, he would jump and sometimes hurry his throws, but this season, especially during the South Doyle game, his timing was on and he seemed comfortable behind the offensive line.

He should feel comfortable there, as head coach Justin Price called them a ‘nastier’ team.

Receivers are young, but I don’t think that should slow them much. They have enough speed and cutting abilities in order to burn any defense in District 3-AAA.

Defense is much the same.

Cody Monday and Nick Bailey are two players that most grown men probably shouldn’t mess with.

With both of those guys clogging the middle, I really don’t see how a team will be able to run the ball against the Cougars between the tackles.

If there is a weakness, it’ll be the outside run.

Losing Jordan Kindred from last season, as Matt Price pointed out, is going to be a hard place to fill.

He said it may take a committee effort, but they feel confident it could happen.

South Doyle only broke one long run, as they took it around right guard for a 65-yard score.

However, I still look for this team, although somewhat young, to be among one of the best seasons that Campbell County has seen in it’s 38-year history.

One thing for sure, is that the Cougars are going to compete.

If you don’t believe me, show up at the Orange and Blue game on Thursday night at 7 p.m.

“The Blue and Orange game is about these guys going out and competing against one another and having a good time,” Justin Price said. “Compete is one of our core values. I’m interested. We’ve split our coaches up, so we’ll be competing, too. It’s a good way to let the community see what we’ve got going for next year.”

Above all, it’s going to be the discipline that’s helped this team, thus far.

The discipline of the coaches says a lot, as well.

Keeping the same system goes a long way.

“That’s one thing that’s helped this program,” Matt Price said. “We’ve not changed anything since we got here. We’ve ran the same defense, the same offense and the same terminology. The more they see it, they’ll get better at it.”