Column: Leave the cell phones behind

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By Chris Cannon

It’s been said time and time again.
“Kids are too wrapped up in their video games, and they need to get outside.”
However, should that adage be just for kids?
This past weekend, I went camping at Fall Creek Falls.
Camping in a tent under the stars, smelling themountain air and above all, having no cell phone service.
A weekend without cell phone distraction, Facebook and Twitter.
To say the least, it was way better than most people would think.
To me, getting outside is something that is relaxing.
We hiked to the bottom of Fall Creek Falls, hiked to the bottom of Pine Grove Falls and swam in a deep hole we found along the way.
Tonight, we’re going to see the synchronized fireflies in the Great Smoky Mountains, again with no cell phone service.
There’s just something about escaping all the technological advances we’ve made in the past few years.
From day-to-day, we spend countless hours surfing Facebook and Twitter, constantly “spying” on what others are doing.
However, escaping to somewhere outside, such as Cades Cove, where cell phone service doesn’t reach, is often more relaxing than just taking a hike.
Leaving the cell phones, computers and everyday stress behind can often do you wonders.
This entire week, I’ve felt refreshed and ready to take on whatever may come.
I’ve even finished the sports section early. (I’m usually cutting it close on deadline.)
Stepping into the wilderness and taking in what it has to offer is usually what helps the most.
If you can’t find me at my desk, on a playing field taking notes or in some crazy predicament with my fellow co-workers somewhere, look for me where the cell phone service ends.
I’ll probably be relaxing.