Comer awarded 2nd degree Black Belt

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By The Staff

Ethan Comer was recently awarded his 2nd degree Black Belt in Taekwondo at the Tennessee Academy of Martial Arts in LaFollette by Master Mathew Miller. 

Master Miller is recognized by the USA Taekwondo Federation and, as such, Comer’s belt is certified.

Comer, who is eight years old, has been involved with martial arts the past four years.

He has competed in several tournaments and won the Grand Championship in forms as a 1st degree Black Belt during a competition in Pigeon Forge. Martial arts has not only taught him self-control and self-defense, but it has also taught Comer to respect others, to work hard for what he wants in life, to stay out of trouble, and, most of all, self-confidence.

Comer practices two to three times per week with Master Miller and every day at his forms and self-discipline.

Comer will compete next at the AAU Junior Olympics (a qualifying and invitation-only tournament) which will be held Aug. 2 at Des Moines, Iowa.