Coming home to Wild Wild Wings

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By Logan White

As he traveled across the country, from the bitter cold of the Northeast to the dusty warmth of the Southwest, for 20 years Dan Perotti made his deliveries with the trucking company. When it was time to eat, he was always in search of the perfect chicken wings.

“I delivered anywhere from New York City to California. I did 48 states,” Perotti said. “When I was on the road, I ate at pretty much every wing place I could find.”

Since he began working with the delivery company two decades ago, he has lived in LaFollette. During this time of his career he was usually on the road for months out of the year, leaving little time for him to spend time with his family.

Inspired by the numerous tastings of wings over a span of years across the states, Perotti decided to move on from life on the road, and he opened his Wild Wild Wings restaurant in LaFollette on Oct. 8.

“I wanted to get something here in town where my kids and family can come,” Perotti said. “My daughter, who I very rarely saw, comes and works with me now. I see her at least every weekend. That’s 100 percent why I opened this place. I wanted to be here in my hometown.”

The dining room feels like walking back in time to an old western saloon, with more than a dozen wooden booths and tables and horses cut into the backs of the chairs. Wanted posters with Hollywood legends John Wayne and Clint Eastwood hang on the walls, along with a painted mural of a western landscape and the restaurant logo — a cowboy riding on the back of a chicken.

Wild Wild Wings’ western theme gives the restaurant a suitable personality, but it also hides what more the menu has to offer, aside from jumbo chicken wings tossed in a variety of sauces — Spicy Chili, Caribbean Sweet, Bourbon Onion and Honey BBQ, and more.

An extensive list of other subs and sandwiches, half-pound burgers, hot dogs and an array of creative side dishes complete the menu at Wild Wild Wings.

“If I opened up a sub shop, I’d be just another sub shop. If I opened a pizza place, I’d be just another pizza place,” Perotti said. “Now if we opened up something this town has never had, and do a little bit of everything, now I got it all rolled into one spot. That’s what we wanted to do.”

Perotti’s personal favorite sandwich, which he found a love for during his travels, is his Philly cheese steak, complete with provolone, onions, peppers and a heap of thin cut steak. The servings are enough to fill a belly, as Perotti says the goal is to have customers leave with a to-go box. He encourages his employees to be generous with portions.

Wild Wild Wings is closed on Sundays.

“It’s God’s day, so we’ll give God his day,” Perotti said.

The go-to place for wings is open Monday through Friday, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Saturday until 10 p.m.

“‘Food With Attitude,’ it means that anything you eat here is going to have a bite to it,” Perotti said.