Comissioners Corner for week November 3, 2011

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  This month the county commission would like to introduce the citizens to the Campbell County/Lonas Young Memorial Park. 

If you’ve driven out toward Demory and across the Albert Morton Bridge we hope you’ve seen the progress. This park was a project undertaken by the previous commission and working to be completed by the current commission. 

There are more amenities than appear from the road. You need to stop and take a look at what is available and we believe you will be pleasantly surprised. Following are some of the features you will find at the park: baseball/softball field; tennis court, basketball court, Covered picnic shelter, walking trail, beach swim area, lots of paved parking, playground and TWRA boat launch.

We are pleased to inform you that the park is free for basic daily use. Although we have managed to complete and fund the operations of the park within the county budget this year, we are hoping to increase revenue from the park and reinvest it into additional amenities. There are several ways to bring additional funding to the park. One way is the bench donation program, coordinated by park manager Matthew Bowman. Presently, the park is approved to offer up to 20 benches on a first-come, first-sold basis. The program provides the opportunity to donate a park bench in honor or memory of a fallen soldier, soldier, police officer or fire fighter. The benches will be placed throughout the park to provide lasting memories, adequate seating and help to make the park more attractive.  In addition to the bench program, the park will accept reservations for the entire park or for just the shelter for planned events. Currently the cost to rent the entire park for the day is $300 per day with a limited number of guests. If you would like to only reserve the shelter it is $50 per day.

Keep in mind if these are not reserved they are provided free on a first-come basis.  As many of you that have children, grandchildren or friends in Little League know, it is very tough to find a decent field to play a tournament. The field here can be reserved for tournaments at $100 per tournament.  Also, if you are a vendor and would like to set up at the park you will pay $40 per day, per vendor for a 10’x10’ area. There are some other restrictions and conditions regarding the vendors so please ask. In the future, we would like to add vending machines for the convenience of the park users and to provide a small source of revenue.  If you have any particular questions regarding the park you may reach Bowman at 423-563-9800.

We sincerely hope everyone in Campbell County will take time and enjoy the beautiful park and hope it provides many years of memories and laughter to all.  Many have said, “There’s nothing here for our kids to do.”  ow, there is something and it is free so please go and enjoy it. We are only looking for ways to maintain it and operate it.  Any suggestions of improvement, fund raising, etc. are greatly appreciated!  Please help us and the park staff to keep the park clean and beautiful. There are trashcans throughout the park. We hope you find this column to be informative. We are asking each of you that voted us in to please come and join us. We need your help.  If you have a concern, bring it, along with a couple of possible solutions.  We are eager to help but cannot do it alone.  he workshops are the second Monday of the month and the meetings are the third Monday in the courtroom on the main level of the Jacksboro courthouse at 6pm.  If you wish to speak at the workshops call Peggy Henegar at 562-9961.