Commission appoints Jacksboro Police Chief Danny Chapman to 911 Board

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Monday night, the Campbell County Commission appointed Jacksboro Police Chief Danny Chapman to the 911 Board in place of LaFollette Medical Center COO Sara Lloyd.
The E911 board consists of seven to nine members who are on staggered terms.
“All of them are citizens, but some of them are in positions where the board would be something they would have input into,” county mayor William Baird said.
Three of the members’ terms, James Hatmaker, Lloyd and Campbell County Ambulance Service Director Danny Sheckles, have ended. E911 board chair Bill Widener recommended the commission reappoint them.
“There’s no change that has to take place,” William Baird said.
Commissioner Charlie Baird made a motion to approve the recommendations and commissioner Bobby White seconded it.
“You find out whether any commissioners can be on that board?” commissioner Tom Hatmaker asked.
William Baird told him commissioners could be on the board.
“All we get’s a report every month,” Hatmaker said. His comment inspired some chuckles from a few fellow commissioners. Hatmaker amended his remark to indicate the commission sometimes receives a report.
“I think it would be good if at least one from each district could be there,” Hatmaker said.
Commissioner Rusty Orick asked to amend the motion to replace Lloyd with Police Chief Danny Chapman.
“I’ve got nothing against these individuals,” Orick said. “I think Danny (Chapman) needs to serve on it.”
The E911 board requested municipalities help provide for expenses, and Caryville and Jacksboro need to have input on it, Orick said.
Hatmaker seconded Orick’s amendment to the motion. The commission voted to amend the motion. The vote passed, receiving nine yes votes. Commissioners J. L. Davis, Beverly Hall and Steve Rutherford voted no.
The commission then voted to approve the amended motion, appointing James Hatmaker, Sheckles and Chapman to the board for four years. The motion passed with 11 yes votes. Rutherford voted no.
Resolution regarding hotels and motels
The commission voted against sending a resolution to the General Assembly that would request stricter regulations on hotels and motels.
Maury County requested Campbell County pass a resolution regarding regulations on hotels and motels. This request has been given to other counties in Tennessee in order to urge the General Assembly to pass it.
“This is a resolution that urges the General Assembly to pass legislation that puts this resolution into law,” William Baird said.
The resolution includes regulations not only on hotels and motels, but any commercial housing establishments that rent rooms, according to the language of the resolution. This would include bed and breakfasts, Campbell County Deputy Mayor David Young said. This resolution would require operators of such establishments to maintain a register that contains the name, address and date of birth of every adult guest who registers for a room for a period of 36 months, the guest register will include the make, model, license plate number and state of issuance of all guests’ vehicles before the termination period of the room or rooms that were rented, renters will also be required to provide federally issued photo identification and registration will be available for reasonable inspection by any federal, state, county or city law enforcement personnel, according to the resolution.
White made a motion to pass the resolution and Orick seconded it. The motion failed, only receiving yes votes from Davis, commissioner Terry Singley, commissioner Marie Ayers, commissioner Wendell Bailey, commissioner Johnny Bruce, White and Orick. Motions need an eight-vote majority to pass, even when commissioners are absent.
Coal Industry
Orick made a motion to ask the state to petition the federal government to support the coal industry in East Tennessee.
“This resolution is to ask them to help us relieve some of the pressure on coal companies,” Orick said. “It’s something we have. It’s in East Tennessee. It’s part of our backbone.”
The motion passed with 12 yes votes.
The commission is asking Claiborne, Anderson, Scott, Morgan, Fentress, Roane, Grundy, Sequatchie, Marion, Bledsoe, Warren and Van Buren Counties to join in the resolution.
Unfunded mandates
Orick made a motion to send a resolution to the General Assembly asking for no unfunded mandates. Bruce seconded the motion.
The resolution will request the state pass not to pass new legislation requiring the county to take action the state doesn’t provide funding for.
The Tennessee County Service Association asks for this every year, Orick said.
The resolution passed with 12 yes votes.
“They can’t say we didn’t ask,” William Baird said.