Commission hears proposal for private ads on county land

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At Monday’s county commission workshop, businessman Fred Cole spoke to the county commission about opening county land to private sector advertising.
This proposal is a way for the county to generate revenue without a tax increase, Cole said.
“I think we’re leaving money on the table we could be bringing in,” Cole said.
Some of the commissioners, such as commissioner Steve Rutherford, expressed concern over the possibility the county would have to let anybody advertise on its property.
“It’s kind of scary when everyone could advertise,” Commissioner Rusty Orick said.
“You wouldn’t want an adult bookstore type thing,” Commissioner J. L. Davis said.
County Mayor William Baird asked county attorney Joe Coker if the county could refuse some advertising.
“You would need to adopt a policy that would set out the guidelines of the types of advertising you would accept and at what rates,” Coker said. “There are some constitutional issues involved, but they certainly aren’t prohibitive if you decide to move forward.”
Coker suggested the commission look at policies other counties have adopted.
Baird said he’d check state guidelines.
Cole originally brought this idea before the commission at a workshop in February, and was referred to the ways and means committee. Cole was eventually informed more study would have to be conducted.
Norris Ridge Volunteer Fire Department
At the commission meeting Oct. 22, the group will vote whether to approve Norris Ridge Volunteer Fire Department as a fire department. NRVFD has filed an application for recognition as a fire department, filed with the secretary of state’s office for non-profit status and filed with the Internal Revenue Service to receive and Employee Identification Number, Baird said. If the commission approves NRVFD, the state fire marshal’s office must approve it as a volunteer fire department.
Trail Manor
In a letter to Baird, Bob and Cleo Eickhoff of Trail Manor requested six months reprieve from paying rent. They claimed “unexpected financial events have created hardships.”
Trail Manor moved into the J. Sports Building earlier this year.
“We desire to maintain operations and continue offering employment for residents in Campbell County,” Bob and Cleo Eickhoff said in the letter.
Tire disposal fee
The commission will vote on a resolution to implement an 80-cent fee for the collection, transportation and disposal of tires. The process costs $1.50, but 70 cents of this cost is provided for by the state waste tire grant. Eighty cents is needed from local sources.
TIPS/TAPS program
The commission will look at The Interlocal Purchasing System Program, a cooperation agreement. The purpose of the agreement would be to provide cooperative purchasing services and save associated departments through volume purchasing, according to the resolution. The resolution would involve Campbell County cooperating with Clinch Powell Educational Cooperative.