Commission makes quick work of agenda

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By Jennifer Caldwell

Commissioners showed a little Christmas spirit on Monday evening. The group proved they were ready to move into holiday mode by keeping their usual marathon style meeting under two hours.

As the meeting got underway Commissioner Stan Marlow made an attempt to ensure that the meeting and all future meetings are completed in a reasonable time frame.

Marlow wasted not time making a motion proposing a change to the standard order of the agenda. Prior to introducing the action Marlow provided commissioners with a written outline of the suggested changes.

“What I want to know is why we are doing this,” Commissioner Whit Goins asked questioning Marlow’s intentions.

“I want to make sure the meetings run more smoothly,” Marlow said in response to Goins’s question.

Marlow also pointed out that the length of the meetings could be effectively reduced if the group would commit to the protocol of debating the issues during workshops and simply bringing issues up for a vote at the meetings.

“We are supposed to debate things in the workshop, but we are debating everything in the meetings,” Marlow pointed out.

Commissioner Adrion Baird argued that he was not prepared to make a decision on agenda changes.

“Changing the agenda is a very important part of our operation and I haven’t had enough time to look over this,” Baird told the group as he made a motion to table Marlow’s action until the January 2010 meeting.

Baird’s motion to table passed narrowly in an 8-7 vote.

Meeting time was saved when County Mayor William Baird removed the potentially contentious item of renaming the name of Demory Road to the Grantsboro-Agee Parkway.

Baird explained that the issue, which was originally introduced by Bill Claiborne, was taken off the evening’s agenda at the request of a private citizen who pointed out a number of residents in the area were opposed to the action.

In other action, at the request of Commissioner Melvin Boshears the group voted in favor of a resolution requesting that the state legislature name Campbell County Tennessee’s Elk capitol.

As the meeting wound down commissioners voted to honor one of their own.  Commissioner Ann Smith was recognized for her efforts in seeking out the Perkin’s property purchase earlier in the year to be converted to additional courthouse parking.  In response to a motion made by Commissioner Scott Kitts, the county’s governing body voted to name the parking area the Ann Smith Parking Complex.