Commissioners square off at workshop

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By Jennifer Caldwell

Visiting behavior from the past, county commissioners locked horns during a meeting on Monday to determine next week’s agenda.

With no money to spend commissioners had little to put on the list for discussion at next week’s meeting. But when Commissioner Rusty Orick made a suggestion about his colleagues’ decorum at the meetings fellow commissioner Adrion Baird had something to say about it.

Orick began his comments by asking that the group work harder at showing each other respect during meetings.

“I’ve sat her for three years now and listened to people squabble,” Orick said, citing instances of sniping and blatant disregard for others as very real problems for the commission.

While Orick spoke, Baird offered his own opinion.

“You need to learn the rules. You are part of the problem,” Baird said interrupting Orick.

Chairman David Young was forced to rap his gavel when the discussion got out of hand.

“The next one that speaks out of turn I’m going to adjourn this meeting,” Young warned the group.

Orick noted Baird’s behavior as an example of the problem he was referring to.

“I want to object to making campaign speeches from these seats,” Baird said to Orick as the discussion concluded.

Jerry Moat, of the Pinecrest Volunteer Fire Department, took the opportunity to express his own concerns during the workshop.

“According to Mr. (Jeff) Marlow, there is going to be no increases for the volunteer fire departments and that is a crime,” Moat told the commission.

Moat asked commissioners to consider the valuable services, including a savings on homeowner’s insurance, provided by the local volunteer fire departments before deciding against funding an increase.

According to Moat, the group is asking for $27,000 in funding for the 2009-10 budget year to be distributed across all of the volunteer fire departments.